About Us

About Us

CompareFirst was launched in 2016 by a team of experts in US consumer credit with the intention of helping Americans save time, and find the right product at the best prices.

We’re dedicated to providing you credit options that are clear and unbiased. All of our product comparisons are free of paid listings or ads. We only get paid if you find something that suits your needs (see HOW IT WORKS). There are no other fees or charges applied. Our algorithms filter and sort offers based on the monthly repayment, sending you to the best offer.

CompareFirst is built to save you time and help you make informed decisions. Just fill in your details once and we will bring together a wide range of offers. You don’t have to search multiple sites to find the best match for you.

We respect your privacy. We carefully choose our partners to make sure you will never get any unwanted calls or emails. Your personal information is stored securely and all application data is encrypted, so you can use our site with confidence.

We’re powered by Backed Inc., a unique loan originator that has built an innovative loan underwriting mechanism around loans co-signed loans, making the process easier and reduces the main risk for co-signers. Backed offers will show next to other offers only if it is the best rate for you, as co-signed loans usually are.

If you have any questions, please contact us.