How it Works

How it Works

CompareFirst uses innovative technology to offer you the best choice of credit. Our efficient process allows you to safely apply for a wide range of credit products and loans, without hurting your credit. We aim to match you with a lender that is interested in approving your application.

Here is how it works:

  • Type in your details. Tell us how much you want.
  • Our algorithm matches your request with a short list of lenders that have a high likelihood of approving your application.
  • Your personal details are shared only with the most suitable credit providers.
  • Within seconds, your application will be processed, and returned to you with the most suitable a pre-qualified quote.

Working with a large variety of loans and credit providers, we can offer you access to a large range of top brands, without having to fill out countless application forms.

Our network of partners, together with Backed’s unique co-signed loan offers help us cater to a wide range of credit profiles, so if you have had trouble in the past, you came to the right place for more options!

  • All FICO scores welcome
  • 100% online, 100% real time
  • High acceptance rates
  • No unwanted phone calls
  • Safe and secure

If you have any questions regarding our technology, please feel free to contact us.